Our Story

 Dantelle Collective is a boutique lingerie brand, designed on the East Coast of Australia. Focusing on everyday pieces with a touch of luxury, Dantelle Collective lingerie is designed with the empowered woman in mind. 

She is confident, ambitious and not afraid to be herself. She’s likely busy designing her own destiny, so she doesn’t have time for over-the-top lingerie that’s uncomfortable and restrictive. She does however, still want to feel good about what’s underneath and Dantelle Collective meets this need with their stylish yet simple designs.  

While aiming to inspire women to feel confident and empowered, Dantelle Collective designs lingerie for the sophisticated, stylish, yet down-to-earth bad arse so that she can conquer the world and feel amazing while she does it! Whether that be sensual moments behind closed doors, playdates in the sunshine or boardroom meetings, a Dantelle woman represents a wild spirit unchained from the monotony of everyday life.



Dantelle Collective; Lingerie to live in. 

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